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The Adventures of Mike and Kelly At Sea

Monday, January 25, 2010

Seeking Sunshine

It's mid January and Mike and I are traversing across America back to the East Coast to visit family and friends before seeking solace in the sunshine down in the Caribbean. We spent a wonderful three months anchored in the San Francisco Bay of California working hard and having fun with coworkers. As many of you know, I've blogged a bit about my previous travels at http://travelpod.com/members/kndy, however, now that I am exploring this world with my partner in crime, Mike, we decided to develop a blog together for the adventures ahead of us. We've called it 'Searching for Bella' for a few reasons. For one, our boat that is on the hard in California is called Isabella and we both miss her dearly.We also both love the name (shortened to Bella) and so we hope in our quest to find an opportunity doing what we love, we will also find our new Bella (or beauty  translated from Italian) that can bring us as much joy as the last one has. We will use this space to share our adventures, wherever the road, or sea, may take us. For now, we're making tracks to Bonaire to start a new employment project aboard the S/V RumBoogie. Stay tuned for updates!