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The Adventures of Mike and Kelly At Sea

Monday, September 13, 2010

We Made It!


After 46 days of travel by sea stopping briefly 3 times, Mike and I finally made it to Ensenada, Mexico! It was a great journey and we got so lucky with the weather. A trip that was forecasted to take at least three months was done in only two which was a great accomplishment for us. I got my first ocean crossing under my belt and Mike has just added a few more miles to the many thousands he already has.

Upon arrival to Ensenada, we were eagerly anticipating a quiet arrival which provided us the opportunity to rest up and clean up the boat before Jim, the owner, arrived. As we pulled into the harbor, however, we were met with the complete opposite. Many of the cruisers that are stationed here greeted us as we pulled in. Mike and I felt like celebrities as they told us how they eagerly anticipated our arrival. Jim’s boat uses Ensenada as a home port, so Lara and Jim both have spent ample amounts of time here in the past well involved in the community. Everyone was so friendly offering us help and tips for getting acquainted with the area. Mike and I must have seemed like aliens feeling a bit overwhelmed and unaccustomed to the human contact. It was a warm welcome indeed.

Now that Jim has arrived, it looks like we will be leaving Ensenada rather quickly once the boat is hauled out and he gets his personal belongings removed. We anticipate arriving in San Diego on the 15th where we will stay with our friends from Seattle, Octavia and Peter, aboard their 44’ sailboat. We can’t wait to see San Diego. As great as the journey has been, we are excited to move on for yet another adventure. For now, we plan on keeping our feet on solid ground for a few months…and greatly enjoying that!